Comparing the Biblical Nehemiah to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump

Tonight, we started studying the book of Nehemiah, and how he compared to our current president. It turns out, there are a lot of similarities. Let’s look at a few of them.

In Nehemiah, we see a man who is going to be used by God for great things. We learn that when God is going to use someone, the person God uses has a burden for His people, has a vision for His purpose, and has a commitment to His purpose.

When God is going to use someone, He burdens that person’s heart with the situation.

In Nehemiah’s case, it was the fact that the great city of Jerusalem’s infrastructure, and its walls and gates in particular, were in ruin. In the case of Donald Trump, the nation of the United States, and in particular, its economy, infrastructure and security were in ruins from previous administrations – and its people were fed up with the corruption in our government.

In both cases, the subjects – Nehemiah and Trump – didn’t need the job. Both were secure in their lives.

Nehemiah was the cupbearer for King Artaxerxes. The cupbearer was considered a high official to the king, in that he not only brought wine – that he tasted first, to ensure that it wasn’t poisoned – to the king, but the king commonly sought advise from him. Many looked at as someone who could succeed the king. He wore the finest clothes, he ate the finest food, he was paid handsomely for his services. In other words, Nehemiah wasn’t hurting.

trump - 1Trump was a business owner – some say one of the best there was in his line of work. He was in construction – he built some of the finest buildings in the world, most bearing his name. Many sought his advice – and his money. In other words, Trump wasn’t hurting either.

Neither needed the job that God was going to give them – in fact, both could have lived their lives in prosperity, peace and happiness had God not put that burden on them.

Both had to have seen the burden that God laid on their hearts, to give up lucrative careers to do His will. Nehemiah prayed on it for four months – just to be sure, and to be sure that his heart was right. I’m sure that Donald Trump didn’t go into this without prayer and sound counsel.

Let’s now look at the vision – that God laid on both of them.

In Nehemiah’s case – it was the infrastructure – and in particular – the gates and the walls of the city. They were in ruin! Why is this important? Because it was the main method of securing the city from enemies!

In Trump’s case, it was also infrastructure – and in particular – the gates and the walls of the nation’s borders. They too, were in ruin! They are our main method of securing our nation from enemies and those who shouldn’t be here.

In both cases, the problems that they are going to address stemmed from one thing – SIN.

Jerusalem’s walls were breached by Nebuchadnezzar about 130 years earlier because of the sins of the Jews, which were exiled for 70 years. The Jews were the moral leaders in the world and their nation fell into such debauchery – intermarriage and the worship of idols – both forbidden by God – that their standing as a moral leader was gone.

The United States’ problem wasn’t as long coming on – it was only 8-20 years, but it was just as prominent – the sins of the people. Corruption in government, abortion, homosexuality and all kinds of other sin – this nation fell into such disrepair, that our reputation and standing in the world as a moral leader – had all but vanished.

Both needed to be secure again – both needed to be great again. That was the vision.

Now, as for that commitment – would you give up a cushy job, one with status and stature, one that had a great income – to go something that was fraught with problems? Not many of us would.

Remember – both Nehemiah and Donald Trump were secure in their stations in life. Neither needed this!

Nehemiah did go back – as we’ll see in future posts – and Donald Trump did run for, and was elected president of the United States. In fact Trump was so committed, that he used his own financial resources to run – instead of being beholden to any one or any special interest – He put millions of his own money into his campaign. That’s called putting his money where his mouth is. That’s commitment!

Now you see why I – and others – say, that the Donald Trump presidency was ordained by God. If you are a Christian – or even Jewish – you have to see the similarities! If you can’t, then you’re blinded to the works of God almighty!

In my next post, we’ll look at the next part – how satan works against those who God ordained – again, looking at Nehemiah and Donald Trump.

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