Comparing the Biblical Nehemiah to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump (Part 2)

In our first part, we looked at the first chapter of Nehemiah, where we found that when God is going to use someone, that person has a burden for God’s people, a vision for His purpose, as well as a commitment to that purpose. We saw how both Nehemiah and President Trump had that burden, vision and commitment.

Click here to review that study.

Today, we’ll look at what one needs to realistically serve God – and how Nehemiah and President Trump fulfill these as well.  These can be found in the second chapter of Nehemiah.

First, to realistically serve God, we have to learn to wait on Him.

Nehemiah waited just four months for God to use him. That’s a pretty short time, compared to other men in the Bible.

  • Abraham waited 25 years for God to give him Isaac.
  • Joseph spent time as Potiphar’s slave, then 2 years in prison before becoming what amounted to be Prime Minister of Egypt.
  • The Hebrews were enslaved for over 400 years in Egypt…
  • Moses spent 40 years in the desert before bringing the Hebrews out of this bondage, then the nation spent 40 more years in the wilderness before being allowed into the Promised Land.
  • David spent the bulk of his twenties fleeing from King Saul, who was trying to kill him.
  • The apostle Paul spent three years alone in Arabia, then a few more years in Tarsus before the Lord began to use him.

So yes, Nehemiah waited just four months – and that’s where Chapter 2 picks up.

Oh, and how long did President Trump wait, before tossing his hat into the elecion? About 25-30 years. You see, God laid this burden on his heart back in the late 1988 – as seen in a segment on the Oprah Winfrey show.

While waiting, Nehemiah prayed. In chapter 1, starting in verse 5, we see Nehemiah praying. He prays over and over again throughout the book – no less than 11 times (1:5-11; 2:4; 4:4, 9; 5:19; 6:9, 14; 13:14, 22, 29 and 31).

I’m sure that President Trump prayed before committing his wealth, family and and everything else to something that he clearly didn’t have to do – or need.

While waiting, Nehemiah developed patience. Nehemiah acted with patient steps in his actions – he didn’t react impetuously in a crisis.

President Trump too, given the current political climate, has to have a lot of patience to put up with all of the – as Pastor and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has put it so eloquently – bovine excrement – thrown at him. I know that if my former self were to be dealing with this, I’d be collecting scalps.

While waiting, Nehemiah also planned. He did a lot of advance thinking and planning. The king relied on and respected him, so when the king asked how long Nehemiah would be gone, he gave him a definite time for his return. He also had the forethought to ask the king for the necessary supplies for the project.

President Trump also planned – he knew the issues that needed to be dealt with. Even back in 1988, he communicated that to Oprah Winfrey.

He knew from his business experience – how to create jobs, which were sorely needed. He knew economics, having graduated from Wharton Business School. He also worked in the REAL WORLD – he had a real job, he’s had to make a payroll – something that most other politicians have never had – or had to do.

To serve God, one has to learn how to work with people.

Nehemiah had to work with an unbelieving king. Nehemiah knew how to deal with the king with tact. For example He never mentioned Jerusalem by name – only as the city where his fathers are buried. You see, Jerusalem was still considered somewhat of a renegade city – and to state that he wanted to rebuild it, would be received well by the king.

President Trump too, has dealt with unbelieving heads of state. The king of Saudi Arabia, for example, rolled out the red carpet for him!

Nehemiah also had to deal with demoralized believers back in Jerusalem. The Jews capital city was in ruins! The Temple was rebuilt – but the walls and infrastructure needed a lot of work. People were demoralized.

Sound familiar? The people here in the US, especially believers, were demoralized! We prayed fervently for the Lord to send us someone to bring this nation back. Thank you Lord for President Trump!

Nehemiah had to also deal with enemies. Sanballat was governor of Samaria to the north, Tobiah ruled the Ammonites to the east and Geshem was the leader of the Arabs to the south. The opposed a fortified Jerusalem because it threatened their political positions. They didn’t give a hoot about the Jews or their plight, let alone the LORD being exalted in Jerusalem. So their plan was to ridicule the project and accuse the people of rebellion.

Again, sound familiar? No one thought that Donald Trump could become president! The fix was in – Hilary Clinton was to become the next president! So when Trump was elected, the left has been throwing everything – every accusation – and ridiculing every move President Trump has made – just as Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem were doing.

Lastly, to serve God, we have to know how to wrestle with problems. Nehemiah had his share of them – and he dealt with them in prayer. He didn’t lash out and go crazy. He did stand up to his enemies.

Likewise, President Trump has had his share, and I’m sure is being led in prayerful counsel. He too, is standing up to his enemies.

Next week – we talk about walls – and how fortification of borders is biblical!

2 Replies to “Comparing the Biblical Nehemiah to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump (Part 2)”

  1. Just read: There may be similarities but then again; there are two obvious differences: He is neither a Jew or a Christian. If we were to compare the righteous man Nehemiah to someone as Trump – then, from a German perspective, Hitler would be similar to him! I voted for Trump. But, I am very uncomfortable with the adoration and veneration this man is getting from the Christian church. He’s not Israel’s Messiah nor the Christian hope nor America’s answer to God’s coming judgment. He is a unregenerate man whom God’s has chosen as His latest tool for doing His perfect will – just as God used Obama before him. Just saying… 🙂


    1. Allow me to reply …

      First, Romans 10 confession refers to confession that Yeshua – Jesus is Lord, publicly or privately. It makes no distinction of a “public confession”. It states that of one confesses that Jesus is Lord, and believes with all their heart that He died on the cross for our sin, that one is saved. It doesn’t require us to shout it from the rooftops.

      It’s not for us to judge someone’s salvation – that’s God’s job. We do know people “by their fruit” – and people do repent and change. If we hold our pasts up to scrutiny as to fitness to hold office, none of us -you, me or anyone else – could hold office!

      Second, God can use whoever He wishes. He used Cyrus, who also we not a Christian or Jew, – to release the Jews from captivity and return them from exile. Unlike Cyrus, Hitler was a murderous dictator who killed Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and others he found undesirable. Our president is doing no such thing. He is doing his best to help his fellow man.

      Lastly, I don’t put the man on a pedestal. I liken him to other mortals in the Bible who God used for His purpose. As a pastor, I will not allow others to put me in a pedestal, as I too am a man. Yes, God placed Obama in the presidency for eight years, to show us all how far we’ve fallen as a people, and to get us to repent.

      So, like him or not- God has used – and I truly believe, continues to use this man. Note that everything and everyone that comes against him, is put down. I’m sorry, this has got to be Divine intervention.

      If you can’t see this, you’re blinded.


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