The Condition of this Nation, and Repentance

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.  As a Messianic Jew, I recognize Yom Kippur for what it means to Christians – the final, Great White Throne Judgement.

Starting on Rosh ha’Shanana – the Feast of Trumpets, and continuing ten days unti; Yom Kippur – this period is known as the “Days of Awe”.  During this time, Jews are to perform acts of repentance with others they’ve harmed here on earth. Then on Yom Kippur, they spend all day fasting and abstaining of all things pleasurable, and asking God’s forgiveness for sins committed against God.

Well, as I look around this nation, yes, even the world, there’s not a whole lot of repenting going on.

There’s so much corruption in our governments – that to root it out, every single person would need to be fired, and replaced. This goes for the US Congress as well. All 435 House seats, and I believe 33 Senate seats are up for grabs in 2020.  Church, it’s time to clean house of those who are harming this nation.

The president needs to start vetting those who he surrounds himself with.  There are a few rats in the White House, and they need to be weeded out and tossed out, with security clearances pulled. If that includes the Vice President – and I’ve heard stories – then get rid of him too. If he truly is a believer in the Risen Christ – he needs to repent.

I use that term Repent a lot – but what do I mean by it?

The term is derived from the Hebrew word Teshuvah (teh-shu-VAH), which means “to turn”.  Christians constantly refer to 2 Chronicles 7:14, for God to heal our land. There are conditions which need to be met before God will hear from Heaven and heal our land. Let’s look at the text:

…if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

First, the verse is a continuation from verse 13, where God is confirming to Solomon that the Temple he just finished is now a house of prayer – and He was telling Solomon that when the people go astray – and when He allows bad things to happen, to get their attention, that they have a place to come – the Temple.

Second, he lays down the conditions in verse 14, the people must:

  1. Humble themselves – this includes everyone, everywhere.  This includes all believers – including pastors and laypeople – everyone. My wife and I have devotional time each day and we’ve been studying A. W. Tozer on Leadership, and today’s is appropriate here.”If this is a fairly accurate view of things, what can we say then when Christian men vie with one another for place and position? What can we answer when we see them hungrily seeking for praise and honor? How can we excuse that passion for publicity which is so glaringly evident among Christian leaders? What about political ambition in Church circles? What about the fevered palm that is stretched out for more and bigger “love offerings”? What about the shameless egotism among Christians? How can we explain the gross man-worship that habitually blows up one and another popular leader to the size of a colossus? What about the obsequious hand kissing of moneyed men by those purporting to be sound preachers of the gospel?

    “There is only one answer to these questions; it is simply that in these manifestations we see the world and nothing but the world. No passionate profession of love for ‘souls’ can change evil into good. These are the very sins that crucified Jesus.” (The Pursuit of Man, A. W. Tozer, page 126).

    This describes many pastors and leaders today – but also translates into the personal lives of many leaders – not in the church – such as government leaders.  All for power and money,

    So, we must humble ourselves.

  2. Next, we absolutely must pray – and seek God’s face. I truly believe that Evangelical Christians all over the world, are praying for restoration of our lands.  But is praying enough? Is it enough to bring the revival required to turn a nation around? 

    It’s required – absolutely, but in this prayer, we need to repent of our own sin, and the sins of this nation. 

    Show God that it sickens you, and that you repent of the wholesale slaughter of almost 63,000,000 babies since 1973, in the US alone! This is Worship to Molech and God hates idol worship – and the murder of innocents. 

    Show God that you love everyone, but you cannot compromise your faith by condoning same-sex relationship, let alone marriage, or transgenderism.  Boys are Boys, Girls are Girls – one has a “stem on the apple” – the other doesn’t,  God made male and female to “complement” one another – they fit together – for the reproduction of the species. Anything else is of Satan, and God finds it an abomination. It must be repented of – personally, and as a nation.

  3. We must turn from our wicked ways. THIS — this is Teshuvah. This is where Jesus came up with the phrase “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad, for the tree is known by its fruit” in Matthew 12:33.

    We show that we’ve repented by never doing the wrong things again. 

    – If we’re a thief, we’ve given back what we’ve stolen and vow to never do it again – and show it through your actions. 

    – If we’re battling sexual sin, we break that sin, whether it be homosexuality, adultery, transgenderism, fornication  – whatever, it must be broken, and you must turn from that sinful behavior, and show it through your actions. 

    – If you’re an unmarried couple (of the opposite sex) living together in a sexual relationship – you must get this right.  If you’re committed to each other – get married! If there are children involved – staying unmarried sends a lousy testimony to them – that it’s OK to “test drive” before committing – Get married or break it off!This list is by no means exhaustive – you get the point.  In order for God to know you’re serious about repentance, you must TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS.


  4. THEN, AND ONLY THEN – will God hear from heaven, and heal our land.

See much repenting and turning going on in the world today?  How about our nation, the United States?

Our president, who I truly believe was elected through an act of God through the prayers of the believers – is being attacked day and night by demonic forces of the opposing party – and even some in his own party – who have no problem sacrificing children at the altar of Moloech (abortion), or legalize and give legitimacy to sexual practices as in the days of Lot (homosexuality).

They’re doing everything possible to destroy this man, because he’s exposing the corruption in government. He’s upsetting the apple cart – and drying up the cash stream that makes politicians rich.

Did you ever stop to think how someone who makes $195,000 a year, has two homes (one in their home district, and one in Washington DC), ends up with a net worth in the millions?  Think about that! There is corruption somewhere, and it’s being exposed.

If we want revival, if we want change, it’s up to Evangelical Christians to take back the country we helped found.  We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles as laid out in the Old and New Testaments.  If you want your land healed – 2 Chronicles 7:14 gives the roadmap – but be prepared to meet all of the conditions laid out.


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