A Few More Words of Calm

A few more words of calm for GOD’S people this uncertain morning. From the words of Spurgeon…reads Romans 5:1-11 first:

I believe in the true and real presence of Jesus with His people. This presence has been real to my spirit. As surely as the Lord Jesus really came in His flesh to Bethlehem and Calvary, He really comes by His Spirit to His people when they have communion with Him. We are as conscious of that presence as of our own existence.

When the Lord visits us in the night, how does it affect us? Communion brings first peace, then rest, and then joy of the soul. I do not speak of an emotional excitement rising into fanatical rapture, but I speak of sober fact when I say that the Lord’s great heart touches ours and our heart rises in sympathy with Him. First, we experience peace. All war is over, and a blessed peace is proclaimed. The peace of God keeps our heart and mind by Christ Jesus. The blood of Jesus whispers peace within us.

At such a time, there is a delightful sense of rest. We have no ambitions, no desires. A divine serenity and security envelop us. We do not think of enemies, fears, sufferings, or doubts. We take joy in putting aside our own will. Christ is everything, and His will is the pulse of our soul. We are perfectly content either to be sick or well, to be rich or poor, to be insulted or honored, so that we can live in the love of Christ. Jesus fills the horizon of our being.

At such a time, a flood of great joy will fill our minds. We will half wish that the morning may never break again, fearing its light would banish the superior light of Christ’s presence. We will wish that we could glide away with our Beloved. I am convinced that there is no great actual distance between earth and heaven. The distance is only in our dull minds. When the Beloved visits us in the night, He makes our room to be the entrance of His palace. Earth rises to heaven when heaven comes down to earth.

Adapted from Till He Come by Charles Spurgeon

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