True Repentance of a Nation

Awhile ago, I wrote about how this nation, and others, needed to repent, because God was sick of the sin and was judging these nations, including the United States.

I said that we could pray 2 Chronicles 7:13-24 until we were blue in the face – that if we didn’t do some corporate repentance on a national and a global scale, that it wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.

We needed to change our ways, our laws and our customs.

In 1973, we made the murder of the unborn legal – became the law of the land, thereby breaking the sixth commandment. It made Baal worship part of our ways, and up went high places called Planned Parenthood all over the nation to worship this idol.

Homosexuality became commonplace, then the demands for common benefits, then marriage between homosexuals.

Casual sex between unmarried, living together without benefit of a committed marriage, as well adultery becomes passé.

These things are worship of Ashtoreth, and up went the high places called whorehouses, peep shows and other such venues glorifying the worship of this god.

We’re no different than some of the reigns of Judah and Israel in the Old Testament.

Do you really think that God’s looking the other way? Do you really think that He doesn’t care? You’re very wrong my friend! He’s very angry, and rightfully so.

“But He’s a loving God, He loves us” you say. Yes, He loves us and is giving us a chance to repent – but God is holy, and He cannot reside where there is unholiness.

This means that you need to get your act together, repent, and turn your life over to Jesus. It also means that you stop the cycle of repeating the same sin over and over again thinking, “it’s ok, God will just forgive me…” – it not ok!

I’m gonna get real with y’all here, and some of you aren’t going to like what I’m about to say. That’s too bad, because some of you need to hear this.

You see, the Bible says that God’s the potter, we’re the clay. He’s the Creator, we’re His creations, we do His bidding, we serve Him, not the other way around – we are subject to His laws. We break God’s law, i.e. the Ten Commandments and New Testament regulations regarding sexual sin and everything else – then we’re thumbing our noses and extending a corporate national middle finger at God.

We’ve, as a nation and a global community, have done exactly this.

Do you think He going to take that lying down? I know that if I did that to my father, I’d find myself a bloody mess in the hospital, if not dead. Our Heavenly Father can do much more. He can take out entire nations.

Let’s talk about a much similar time in Old Testament history.

Beginning in the year 697-696 BC, Manasseh became king of Judah. He was an evil king, doing what was evil in the eyes of the Lord. He became king when he was only twelve.

His father, Hezekiah, destroyed all of the high places of Baal and Ashtoreth – Manasseh went and rebuilt them in the 55 years he ruled Judah.

Amon, his son, continued in dad’s footsteps. There was a palace coup which tried to take him out, but the people of Judah just loved their sinful ways and took out the ones who tried to kill Amon. It was God who finished that job, leading the way to the next king.

Josiah is then made king, at the young age of eight – and he started cleaning up what his grandfather, Manasseh and father, Amon, did. He made repairs to the Temple, and cleared out the high places of idol worship.

A copy of the scriptures were found in the temple, and after being read to Josiah, he was so overcome with grief and he humbled himself before the Lord.

What does this whole scenario sound like? Well, it’s been 48 years since 1973, add another seven, and you’ve got 1966, right smack dab in the middle of the “free love” movement, the Vietnam war, and the corruption of the Johnson administration.

57 years… 55 for Manasseh, 2 for Amon, then Josiah comes along and decides to reverse everything his father and grandfather put in place. He humbled himself before God. God recognized this and blesses Josiah by holding back His judgement until his reign is over.

What does this sound like?

It sounds like current events to me. We had four years to get things right, God held His hand back and actually blessed this nation in terms of its prosperity after roughly fifty years of corruption, devious ways and deception.

It was exactly 50 years from 1966 to 2016, which is the beginning of real change in this nation. This, in itself, was the people’s coup, and it’s chance to get things right with the Lord.

It’s now four and a half years later, and the current administration has lied and cheated it’s way into power, the devil’s deception of the people, if you will.

Who followed a period of good and prosperity after Josiah was killed in battle? Jehohaz and Jehoakim, both evil kings – and stuff starts going downhill again.

There are just too many similarities between the administration of Josiah – both before, during and after, to current times, from about 1966 to date.

Yes, our period of prosperity was only four years, and Josiah’s reign as a good and godly king was 31 years, but again, look at the pattern. We’ve had nothing in the United States like this pattern. The timeframe leading up to prosperity and profession of God in government, and the turning back to evil.

People, I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops, so to speak, it’s been here on this medium, because I physically cannot do this from actual rooftops —- but God’s had it. He ain’t messing around anymore.

He blessed us because we blessed Israel, and was starting to do what was good in His sight within our government. He darn near took us out because we thumbed our collective noses at Israel in the four years leading up to 2016 – we turned that around in the succeeding administration – only to start turning that back around again to cursing Israel again in the current administration.

When God called Abram to start the nation of Israel, he said in Genesis 12:3, I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” If God said it, it will be carried out.

God’s carrying that out right now. We haven’t won a war since World War II, and the current conflict in Afghanistan, the current administration in essence, surrendered to the enemy. Do you think God had anything to do with that. You can bet the farm on that!

People are saying that good things are coming. Yep, God can do what He wants, with whoever He wants, and there just might be periods of time that we’re doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord, but they’ll be short lived. I just don’t see this happening though. Scriptural prophecy in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation just doesn’t bear this out.

Both political parties, but most led by liberals have deceived the people, and are manipulating the the system, to entrench themselves in power. Here in my home state of Pennsylvania, the Democrats run the executive branch and the Republicans the legislative. More Republicans, the so-called conservatives, are blocking an audit of voting systems, siding with liberals to entrench themselves in power.

People in power will do anything to remain there. If that includes lying, cheating and stealing – deception – to get there, then so be it. There’s that “D” word again…Deception. Jesus and Paul used that word to describe the times preceding Jesus’ coming. We’ve got a raft of it these days, don’t we?

I’m sorry, but there’s a lot of people, good and godly people holding onto the hope of some knight on a white horse will be coming in to rescue America. That, in my eyes, will be Jesus, with those us raptured seven years previous, coming to start Jesus’ millennium reign over the world. No one else – sorry, scripture bears that out, and nothing else.

I truly believe that we’re on the path to a one world government, one global currency, and the world populace is being conditioned to follow a one world leader, who the Bible says, will be accepted with open arms – to cure the ills of the world. If you can’t see this, you’re not in scripture, and you’re watching too much YouTube. YouTube is the devil’s (and liberal’s) tool to deceive you. Rumble is right behind it.

There are many good people in this world. Unfortunately there are many more who will follow the hand who feeds them. If you’re not preparing for a time of suffering now, you had better start, and soon. Look in any Walmart, you’ll see some empty shelves.

There will be a time of suffering and persecution, before Jesus takes us home, but before the tribulation period. People need to be brought to their knees – unfortunately, there will be many who are deceived, and others who will fall from the faith during this time.

That one world government, that one global currency – that’s the reign of the beast and the Antichrist, along with the false prophet. The signs of its coming are there.

Open your eyes people.

I know that some are fearful, but if you’re saved, you have nothing to fear. If you fear for family and friends – I gave you that answer last week, “you have a mouth darlin’ – use it!” Tell them about the redemptive blood of Christ – evangelize!

That’s your job here, now more than ever! If you fear doing that, then your friends and family don’t have a chance.

Some tell me that I shouldn’t politicize my messages – I say look at your Bible. There’s politics all over it, and you can tie the politics in the Bible to current events. The chronicles of Manasseh, Amon and Josiah are but one example, but one of significance.

People ridicule me for looking at prophecy and scripture regarding current events, instead of relying on these so-called “prophets” and others on YouTube to tell me what’s going on. I rely on God over man – and y’all should be doing the same. If what they’re saying lines up with scripture, great, but if it deviates, then ditch the false prophets and YouTube videos – and look to scripture.

Even Jesus saw this. In Matthew 24:10-13, He said, “And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

Sound familiar? A good bit of this is happening today, and a lot of garbage can be found of the devil’s deception platform, YouTube. This, my friend, is why I say get your nose out of YouTube and Rumble, off the news, and into the Bible. We, as Christians, aren’t looking to scripture like we should.

If you hear or see something, check it out in the Bible. If they agree, then great – but if there’s disagreement, the Bible trumps what you’re hearing.

I don’t want God’s people deceived, however too many will be, swayed by theories that are popular. I won’t get into what they are, but to say, I don’t want to see God’s people deceived.

What I do see is the absence of western nations in Revelation.

What I do see is Eastern nations, specifically far and middle eastern nations, coming against Israel.

Currently what I see is a nation that’s been blessed beyond comprehension, that hasn’t won a war since World War II, who now has surrendered to its enemy in Afghanistan, and turned over its advanced military hardware to enemy forces, and stranded its citizens behind enemy lines, to be abused and probably killed. Many of these, Christians – who will be forced to convert to Islam, or die, and women forced into Islamic “marriages” – forced sexual servitude.

God’s hand is no longer on our nation.

What I see is the dissolution of America to China through an economic coup d’etat under our very noses – and the current administration is so far in the enemy’s pockets, they’re allowing it to happen.

What I see is a nation that God’s given a great deal of blessing. This nation, in the 250-some odd years of it’s existence, that has all but told God to “go to hell”.

Reminds me of Manasseh and Amon. Josiah was told that he wouldn’t see God’s judgment, that He would hold back, because Josiah humbled himself before the Lord, but after his reign, judgement came – in spades!

God held His hand back for four years because leadership was doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord. You may have liked the President at that time, you may have disliked him because of his brashness, but you have to admit, it was a time of prosperity. God was holding His hand back.

But no longer. Things are going down the sewer faster than water in the streets after a heavy rain.

Judgement is coming, and coming right soon.

Are you ready? You’d better be, and you better be evangelizing to your friends and family.

Are you prepared for a time of persecution and suffering before Jesus comes to take us home? You had better be. This nation, if we continue on its current trajectory, will become just like Venezuela, where basic supplies and foodstuffs will cost many, many times what they cost today. It’s called hyperinflation.

Revelation 6, the very start of the tribulation period foretells this: “When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” And I looked, and behold, a black horse! And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine!” (vv. 5-6) – things will be very expensive – a denarius was a days wages.

So, are you prepared?

You better be right with Jesus, because He could come at any moment.

You better be evangelizing to your friends, family and others, to get them saved.

You had better get prepared to deal with a period of suffering and persecution if God permits us live through such a time. God will lead you through such preparation – just ask Him.

Finally, get your noses into the Bible and off of deceptive things that keep your eyes on man, and not on God.

Are you ready? You had better be!

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