Yom Kippur and the Believer in Yeshua

Tonight behinds the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar, the Day of Atonement.

Are we, as Christians supposed to care about this, or any other Jewish holiday? When it comes to the seven commanded feasts in Exodus and Leviticus, absolutely. There’s messianic meaning behind them.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog posting regarding the meaning of Yom Kippur as it pertains to Christians. I won’t repeat it here, but will include a link below.


Your comments below, are welcome.

One Reply to “Yom Kippur and the Believer in Yeshua”

  1. I observe Yom Kippur because Jesus observed it. As a Gentile, I am one of the wild branches grafted into the Jewish olive tree.
    Since visiting Israel I have observed Yom Kippur.


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