The Real Reason For The Season

Today, we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. We however, cannot celebrate His birth, without looking at the Cross.

Let me ask you a question. What was the purpose of the Cross? Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?

I think we all know the answer – to provide for the forgiveness of mankind, for those who would repent of their sin, and surrender their lives to their one savior, Jesus.

He had to pay the price, for your sin and mine.

Over the course of mankind, sickness – physical and spiritual – has pervaded our lives. It started with the deception of one woman in the garden, leading to the sin of her husband.

Sin fell upon all of mankind due to the sin of Adam. Jesus was to pay the price for that sin with His death.

But to die, He was to first be born into the world. Born as a baby – in human form.

God the Son, one person of the Godhead, gave up His throne in heaven, and was placed into the womb of an engaged teenage girl – we all know the account of second chapter of Luke.

Over the millennia, mankind has shown their sinful condition.

Most of us though, already know this. We know why Jesus had die, and why He was born.

I look at current events today, especially the sickness infecting the world today and wonder how the birth of Christ could affect this?

If we hadn’t tossed Jesus out of our schools, our government, our town square, and in many cases – some denominations, it could well be that we not have seen this.

The root of all of this is sin. Jesus was born into this world to provide the path to forgiveness of sin.

And it’s that, which we celebrate the birth of Christ. It’s also why we evangelize – spread the Gospel. We emphasize that we are to evangelize – it’s our duty to Jesus.

And that, people, is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas folks!

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