Yes, I’m a _____

Civil discourse and debate seem to be a thing of the past.  The liberals –  the party of inclusion, tolerance and unity – also the party of slavery and Jim Crow, is now the most intolerant, uninclusive group of individuals ever!

liberal-keyboardThe Bible says that a dog returns to its vomit – well, the Democrats in general – the party of Segregation and the Klan, has returned – so to speak.

You see, one never spoke out against one of these Democrats, lest you lose your life in a lynching. Today, you could be seriously injured. You will be labelled in some form.

Today, I’m labelled as a “racist”as well as a “xenophobe,” “homophobe” and an “islamophobe” – at the very least – according to the left-leaning liberal lunatics.

I’m no more as a racist than fly to the moon – but I will call out groups like Black Lives Matter, who advocate violence against law enforcement. This is sin, pure and simple. Less than 1% of police are bad cops – that leaves over 99% of them as great ones, who are to be respected. And I don’t care what color your skin is – if you have a weapon, and you threaten a police officer, he should blow your head clean off. If that makes me a racist, then so be it.

All Lives Matter – Black ones, White Ones, Brown Ones — All Of Them!

Xenophobe? Sorry, but my wife will tell you different. I love and respect my wife, and I am a respecter of women. I believe, for instance, that men and women, doing the same work, given the same experience and education, should be paid the same.

I do believe however, that God made two genders – male and female – and each are different in their own way. Each have a role – and we should be celebrating those roles. But if I were hiring an accountant, and I had two candidates – one man and one woman, I would hire the best person for the job – and pay them the same salary and benefits.

I will draw the line at the pulpit however. A woman should never have the title “pastor” or “reverend”. Paula White is a great teacher, but she’s no pastor, and women make great bible teachers, but the Bible is clear.

God said through the apostle Paul to Titus, when qualifying elders of he church, he included “if anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife…” (Titus 1:6). The Greek here is “the man of one woman” – clear delineation of the genders.

It was made clearer to Timothy that not only elders, but pastors too, be men only.

“Therefore an overseer [pastor] must be above reproach, the husband of one wife…” (1 Timothy 3:2a – Again, the Greek is “a man of one woman”

“Let deacons each be the husband of one wife…” (1 Timothy 1:12) – the same Greek again – this time for deacons, not just pastors.

Which brings me to being homophobic. Guess what – my son has come out as gay, and I love him dearly. I will defend him to the hilt – except his lifestyle choice. I cannot defend that – no Christian, or Jew for that matter, can defend what God has called an abomination. God made Adam and Eve – male and female. They fit together naturally, you don’t need anything extra to make hem fit together. He made them to perpetuate the species – something that two men or two women cannot do.

If that makes me a homophobe, then so be it. I say as Yeshua said – Love the sinner, hate the sin. I love my son, I hate his sin. I will not celebrate your gay pride, because you have nothing to be proud of.

That leaves Islamophobe.

I don’t believe that my God, and Allah, are the same – sorry Rick Warren, you are a false teacher by teaching this. My God is a loving God who has provided me a path to salvation, that doesn’t involve the killing of unbelievers.

Allah didn’t have children – that means that my Savior, Yeshua, is not a Savior but merely a man. Rick Warren – if you teach this, you’re teaching heresy!

I have no problem with those who practice Islam – just don’t expect me to “submit” – which is what the word ISLAM means – to submit.

Sharia, the law around which Islam revolves, is based on submission. I don’t subscribe to Sharia – never will. I’ve lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, a nation whose law is Sharia, and I never want to live under it again. A nation which would imprison me for reading my Bible – for even having my Bible – is no place for me, or any other Christian.

And the perverted form of it used by Islamic terrorists, is even more disgusting.

On the other hand, Zuhdi Jasser, for instance – a respected medical doctor and well-known Muslim, is someone I respect. I don’t agree with his faith, but we can respect each other – and I can respect his skill, and him as a person.

So to the lunatic liberals out there – you have returned to your vomit. Return to your Bible, and do what Yeshua – Jesus – would do.

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