Church notice…

Now we have the so-called “Equality Act” and there’s nothing equal about it. Now, if your pastor preaches against homosexuality or transgenderism, he can be charged and possibly arrested or sued. Same goes for hiring and employment practices – churches are now required to hire homosexuals and transgenders…and the fact of their lifestyle and/or mutilation of their bodies being contrary to Gods Will and truth disqualifies this person to work in a church in ANY capacity – under this law, such disqualification is discriminatory and thus, illegal.

They are thus inviting Satan into the church.

I want everyone to know that this church will not bend to the Equality Act or any other law that restricts my right to preach the Word of God. Jesus never asked permission of anyone, not even the disciples as to where they would go – Peter and Paul never asked permission on what they could preach – and neither will I. I’m not answerable to any authority but Jesus Christ, and if it lands my tush behind bars, or worse – so be it.

I suggest that you all assume the same stance. Jesus said that if you deny him before man, He will deny you before the Father (Matthew 10:32-33).

So, follow this “law” at your eternal peril.

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