The Mother’s Day Supreme Court

This message was to come out last week, on Mother’s Day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it had to be delayed a week. This issue however, is too important to not address.

A couple of weeks ago, a draft of a ruling from the Supreme Court on a Mississippi case regarding their abortion laws was intentionally leaked, something that has never been done in the history of the court.

This ruling was upending almost fifty years of precedence regarding the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, bring to fruition the legalization of abortion on demand in the United States.

Since then, over 64,000,000 innocent lives have been snuffed out, murdered, would be a more appropriate word, in the name of expediency. Over ninety five percent of all abortions are done because the mother and father of this child were careless in the act of fornication or adultery.

That’s 60,800,000 lives taken needlessly. Let that sink in!

Why do you think God gave the command “Do not commit adultery”?

Here’s the Hebrew breakdown of the command in Exodus:

David committed adultery with Bathsheba and look at what it got him. The resulting child died at eight days old, and thus, the child didn’t receive the naming service as the child would have – Under Jewish Law, the child was a bastard child. God took care of that.

In addition, David had to deal with two of his sons who wanted the throne – one wanted to knock him off, and the other through a bloodless coup.

All of this, from one night in the sack with Bathsheba.

When God judges sin, He judges sin.

Yes, David takes Bathsheba as his wife and repents when Nathan makes him aware of his sin, however earthly consequences come with sin.

Take a look at that 60,800,000 murdered because of one night in the sack. The mother tells the father “oops” – and they decide to the take the expedient way out. Instead of delivering a child, they run to Planned Parenthood or some other abortion provider in business of murdering children under the guise of women’s healthcare and right to choose.

What about that life growing inside the mother? It’s been proven that a heartbeat is detected at six weeks, and not much further after that, the child can feel pain – the pain of the saline solution injected to burn it, and the forceps mutilating its little body.

An the fact that I haven’t addressed that remaining 4-5% doesn’t mean that I condone them either. You see, one of the other commandments is “you shall not murder”. Note the word used – murder, not kill. The Hebrew is very explicit here.

Justified killing can be found all over the Bible, but there’s no justifiable murder.

That life that was conceived in the mother’s womb, is just that, a life, and abortion is the taking of that life is murder. In addition to the mother, the father is just as culpable, if he knew or aided in the abortion in any way.

The Supreme Court decision, if it holds, will send the whole thing back to the states to decide.

Yes, there will be states like California and New York who will enact laws permitting abortion on demand, and states like Mississippi and Texas who may outlaw it completely. I’d hate to be the lawmakers and governors of the former on the other side on judgement day, because God will deal harshly with them unless they repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus.

Lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and a President like Joseph Biden who love to tout their faith – cannot call themselves Christians, let alone “Good Catholics” if they think that abortion on demand is a good thing, and contributes to women’s healthcare. For this, they should be excommunicated from their church.

This is going to sound harsh, but as a pastor, I would have to put anyone who knowingly and repeatedly sins and Biden as well as Pelosi, who tout their faith – out of my church until they seriously repented and were truly saved.

Paul wrote to Titus 3:9-11 about this very subject:avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and useless. Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned.

But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and useless. Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, knowing fsthat such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned.

What Paul was conveying here was to not let the devil into the church, and all of these things are of the devil. We are to warn once, then twice, then have nothing more to do with them – put them out. Any politician who subscribes to abortion would definitely fit into this category.

But of course, there’s an Episcopal or some other liberal denomination would love to have them and their money.

Any pastor that even does a wink and nod to this, or any other behavior, needs to be replaced in the pulpit. I know of a few in my area who need to go, including a state representative.

Mother’s and Father’s Day are important to the nuclear family. Mothers and Fathers, married and producing children (the next generation), and raising these children with the fear of a loving God, is the way to go. Children aren’t disposable where one is conceived at a time “that’s not a good time” so they murder the child for convenience and expediency.

That’s just plain wrong!

These children were conceived and their lives snuffed out through no fault of their own – God sees this, and these children are in heaven with Him.

You can meet this child someday. All that’s required for salvation is that you repent of your sin, and surrender your life to Jesus. Once you do that, you will happily meet that unborn child someday.

And when you repent, the sin and stain of abortion will be removed from you, you will be forgiven, to be remembered no more.

That would truly be a Mother’s Day to behold.

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  1. I appreciate your courage in writing this, brother. I plan to write something about the leak of the SC decision as well; I just wanted to give it a little time to sink in first and to see reactions to it.

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