Black Lives Matter? No, Every Life Matters!

I’m gonna say things in this post, that need to be said. Many won’t like what I’m about to say, and may want to do me harm – but this all needs to be said.

I’ve been reading a lot in the news about Black Lives Matter – and so much of the black victims of black-on-black crime and shootings – and this latest one just got my blood boiling.

Where is Black Lives Matter here? Where is the outrage? The protests? The riots in the streets? Why is this not being reported on every national news outlet in the nation? Hello, Fox News? Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson? CNN? Don Lemon? Chris Cuomo? MSNBC? Rachael Maddow? Joy Reid? CBS? ABC? NBC?

There is no “Black Lives Matter” – this is just an excuse to riot in the streets, destroy property and extort businesses. Black lives being snuffed out at the hands of other black hands means nothing to these thugs. The lives taken every weekend on the streets of the southside of Chicago, or many areas of Philadelphia, or the Bronx area of New York mean nothing to them either.

Where’s the so-called “reverend” Jesse Jackson? Where are the protests in your hometown? Oh – it wasn’t a white police officer who shot them, so it’s not worth your time? We know where your priorities lie.

And what about you, “reverend” Al Sharpton? Are you going to showcase and denounce this violence on your NAN soapbox? Of course not – your Democrat masters on the plantation would never allow you to do that!

How about you, Joy Reid? Will the masters at NBC allow you? Of course not. They just want you to be your race-baiting self on air.

You’re all disgusting!

This little boy’s life mattered, EVERY LIFE MATTERS! And the sooner we get this through our heads, the more unified we can be!

Every time I read or hear a story like this, or read about the shootings in Chicago, or New York, or Philadelphia – or see stories about the riots, looting and property carnage in Portland and other cities, I have to remember Ephesians 4:26(a):

Be angry but don’t sin.

Why aren’t these black on black deaths reported? Why are there no protests, riots and looting? Because it goes against the narrative. If it was a Caucasian police officer – there would be mayhem in the streets, but a black gang banger? Nary a peep from anyone.

Where are the black pastors who are yelling about “black lives”? What are they doing to improve their neighborhoods? And I don’t mean getting more “free stuff” from the government either. I mean getting men to take responsibility for the kids they father, and I don’t mean being a “baby daddy” either – I mean stepping up, getting a job, getting off the drugs – or whatever they’re doing, and getting a job, marrying and supporting the mother and child.

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood perpetrated not only abortion, but used this to attempt to exterminate black children. Read the quote above – Planned Parenthood was a racist, and is still racist organization.

We have a black pastor here, who’s also a state lawmaker. Rev. Dan Williams (D-PA) – time for you to get away from your masters on the Democrat plantation, and either preach right and wrong, preach the Gospel and the salvation of Christ, or give up your pulpit. You cannot sit in Harrisburg and not fight against abortion, and watch the city you represent decay the way it is. If black lives really mattered to you, you’d be fighting for jobs for people – and not giveaways, you’d be making sure that litter is cleaned up and that streets are safe, you’d be making sure than Planned Parenthood would be stopped from taking the lives of so many children – black and otherwise. You, sir, are a disgrace to your pulpit – and the faith. You need to do some serious repenting.

Every life matters – and if you disagree with this, you’re the racist – not me. As I also said in many social media posts:

I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, or purple with pink polka dots… I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, your life matters. I don’t say so – God does. You may need salvation, God Offer’s this, no matter who you are, no matter the color of your skin, where you’re from.

A couple of my granddaughters are mixed race – they’re adopted – and they’re lives matters. All of my grandchildren’s lives matter. All of my kids lives matter. The lives of our neighbors matter. Every life matters to us – and to God.

Their physical lives – of course, but also their spiritual lives. As a man if God, nothing is more important than the spiritual lives of those in my sphere of influence. As it should be for every man of God – regardless of the color of their skin or where they come from.

My wife and I watch a situation comedy on weeknights – many of you in the USA know it – it’s from the 1970’s and it’s called “All In The Family”. There’s a lot of racism and bigotry on that show – and it highlights just how stupid racism and bigotry are – and how far, we as a nation, have come since that time. It seems that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Joy Reid are still stuck back in the 1970’s.

Church – if this stuff keeps up, we’re going to end up in another civil war – not between the states, but between the races. Didn’t we have enough of that with the Ku Klux Klan? Jim Crow laws? These things have been dealt with in our laws.

As Christians, racism has no place in our every day lives. As Christians, as true believers in Christ – not just “Christians In Name Only” – we should have no part of this.

The Gospel doesn’t teach racism. Jesus came to save everyone equally, without regard to the color of a person’s skin. It’s time we, as Christians, eradicate the notion of the “white church” and the “black church” and start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus died for all, everyone. That includes you,

One Reply to “Black Lives Matter? No, Every Life Matters!”

  1. AMEN AND AMEN!!! May God open eyes to this magnificent truth……that we are all precious in His sight!


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